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The Yakudo (TSA) is the original heavyweight tournament uniform that was developed through extensive research and investigation with competitors of many styles and organizations to provide the best uniform possible. It utilizes the larger cut for easy movement and a heavier weight to create the distinctive sound made when doing techniques.


First-class karate gi for Kata experts.
Excellent optics. Short-cut sleeves and pants. Emphasized long skirt. Due to the Tokaido special cut, the body tension is staged, dynamic movements are visually supported.
Impressive Ultimate Sound Technology. A Kata demonstration in a TOKAIDO suit lends additional expressive power.
Extremely comfortable to wear with high mobility. Rough exterior, soft inside.
Multiple stitches and reinforced seams. Another special feature: the final seam on the skirt of the jacket is extra wide and heavy. Thus, the suit falls by the movementsvery well. The look is again supported.
Free of advertising. The suits, suitable for traditional dojos and training courses, are free of advertising or logos on the jacket back / neck and chest. There´s only one label on the jacket and pants.
The pants with traditional drawstring. The TOKAIDO- waistband means maintenance and reliable hold, without having the feeling of being constricted. Manufactured of high quality cotton. Despite the heavy fabric there is no restriction by Bunkai-kicking and complex movements.
Individual embroidery, the suit fits perfectly for individual embroideries.
The package includes jacket and pants an d a cool gymbag.

Vekt 2 kg
Dimensjoner 11 × 11 × 11 cm
Velg størrelse

160cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 180cm, 185cm, 190cm, 195cm, 200cm


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